Frame straightening

Frame Straightening Experts

When it comes to collision repair, your vehicle’s frame is its most important part, a vehicle with a damaged frame can be unsafe to drive.



Frame straightening

Southern Oregon’s Frame Straightening Experts

Frame damage can be especially dangerous, as it may lead to improper airbag deployment, hinder the way the car handles and maneuvers.

When it comes to repairing a vehicle’s frame it is best to follow the standard and guidelines set forth by I-CAR. If a bend, which I-CAR defines as “the change in the shape of the part between the damaged and unchanged area is smooth and continuous”, it is possible to repair the part by pulling it back to its previous state so long as there is no area of permanent deformation once the restoration is complete.

Many of the area’s automotive service shops rely on our expertise when they have frame problems due to accidents. Let the area’s best frame shop provide you with an estimate. Call us today!

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